This Caronavirus. This is a virus… an entity that’s been around since before humans have been around. It’s taken out many on this planet – animals and humans alike. It’s the great leveler when a population of any living organism gets too high. In high school biology class, I learned that when a population of anything gets too great, Mother Nature finds a way to level it out. It’s how this planet functions. This world, as long as we have known it, has never seen this amount of humans on it.

We are creeping in on other species’ resources and running into all sorts of wildlife we probably would have never had anything to do with if we didn’t over populate. Climate change is a thing, although I’m not totally convinced humans are the sole contributors it, and that the earth does probably go into natural phases of warming and cooling. But we certainly haven’t been trying too terribly hard keep things clean.

As the waters start to rise and ice starts to melt, there’s going to be all sorts of creepy crawlies coming out of Nature’s woodwork. This is how it works. I’m continued to be amazed at how little humans are aware of how it works, especially in this day and age of the Discovery channel, shows like Nature, or Naked and Afraid, the internet, and YouTube. I really don’t know what all the shock and awe is about. Or maybe they know, and just haven’t accepted the truth yet.

I heard it said somewhere that this world is the human ego’s playing ground. It’s so true. To think this couldn’t happen to us is pretty egotistic to say the least.

The sucky thing is that science and facts are totally insensitive, so people get pretty upset when you state these types of things to them. I can hear their voices now “…so you’re saying these people deserve to die?”  or “…we need to feel sad for all the lives lost…” or “…our governments aren’t doing enough to stop the forces of Nature…”

My answers to them would be ‘death is a part of life’, ‘this is a sad situation for some people’, and ‘one shouldn’t put all their faith into any governmental system.’ These types of answers never go over too well.

To further elaborate, there’s no denying that death is a part of being here. I know it’s not fun to think about, but if you have any kind of spiritual belief system, this is something that is understood and accepted. The price we pay to play on this Earthly playground is a physical death.

It should also be understood that people need proper time and outlets to process grief, but it’s different for everyone. It’s a process that we as everyone needs to go through fully. The sadness that is felt after the loss of anything, much less of a close and dear loved one can be devastating. But my belief is that the feeling of ‘loss’ is love that has been released back into the cosmos and it’s never gone, just transcended.

I can’t speak for other countries, but considering the United States is a capitalist society and its very foundation was built on the spreading of diseases that eradicated human lives that played to their advantage (i.e. smallpox & the Native Americans)’, I’m not going have faith that the powers-that-be are all that caring about the health and wellness of the common folk. That’s just the way it’s worked for our country for the last 240 years, and for civilizations since the beginning of time. But who knows, I’m still praying for a shift.

We can look at this situation from another perspective. Let’s suppose everything in this physical reality is a symbol of happenings in the spiritual realm, just like dreams are filled with symbols that can connect us to things happening in our physical reality. The Universe, God herself, may be trying to tell us something:

  • This virus started in China – one of the most populated and polluted places in the world. In the bigger cities, people live in tiny apartments with barely enough room to breath as it is.
  • The virus affects the lungs and the oxygen levels in the body, and eventually leads to a breakdown of all the organs. Essentially choking people to death – depleting them of air. The very same thing could be said about what we are doing to this planet.
  • The virus spread is heavily geared towards China, Europe, and the US which happen to be the places where the most business, manufacturing, trade, and travel occur. 
  • This virus has forced the world into a lockdown. Could this be God’s way of giving us a timeout so we can think about our actions? How might we move forward with better insight now that we have time to think about things?

But spiritual thinking tends to go over people’s heads, in my experience. So I keep these ideas close to my heart.

So, I rely on the advice I give to my five year old when she can’t have her way:

Welcome to the World! 

Stay healthy, have fun, and live as free as you can. The world needs more love and it’s up to us individuals to spread it.