Learn all the steps
It’s a 4×3
Practice, practice, practice
get them down
Soon you’ll be
on your way
To the dance
With all your
best moves

Step 1

ADMIT that you messed up

Step 2

BELIEVE that you can be restored

Step 3

CHOOSE to turn yourself over, throw you’re hands into the air, let out a shout, an ‘I give up’, or a ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’

Step 4

REFLECT and UNDERSTAND where you did yourself, someone else, or your Higher Power a disservice

Step 5

ADMIT AGAIN to yourself, the Higher Power, and/or another human being the exact nature of that disservice. (and it works best in that particular order)

Step 6

GET READY to have those negative feelings cleared. Gather supplies if necessary.

Step 7

ASK that Higher Power for insight as to how to have these feelings cleared, they may be automatically cleared, or you might have to GET THEM OUT in a non-invasive manner (scribble into a journal – don’t edit the entry, scream into a pillow, punch a boxing bag, draw a picture, etc.)

Step 8

MAKE A LIST and/or A PLAN (ideally both) of ways for it to not happen again.

Step 9

APOLOGIZE and THANK people and the Higher Power wherever possible, except when to do so would injure you or others.

Step 10

CONTINUE THE WORK and check yourself – when you’ve messed up, promptly admit it. Repeat steps 1 – 9.

Step 11

SEEK to improve your conscious contact with that Higher Power, asking ONLY for knowledge of the GREATEST GOOD to be carried out.

Step 12

CONGRATS! You’ve learned something. This is called being ENLIGHTENED. Now keep going and don’t fuck it up. If you do, ALWAYS REFER BACK to these steps.

12 Step Dance ‘Smarty Pants’ stickers and badges coming soon!