Religion is a system of rituals for the purpose of recognizing a divine or supernatural deity. Anything can be part of a religion, if done for a certain purpose.

Drawing, painting, and software programming are not activities that are found in nature. Combining traditional mediums with the structural and mathematical format of programming is the ultimate marriage of art & technology. This self expression, and these activities, are not natural to any other animal. This level of human ingenuity is what sets us apart from nature.

When I create, I try to pull ideas from somewhere beyond myself. I try to connect things that normally wouldn’t (and many times, probably shouldn’t) be connected, or I’ll generate the inputs and let the computer take care of the outputs.

I’m constantly standing back, looking at whatever is being created, from far way, and going and back in tweaking, and refining – here and there, whether dialing in the numbers or pushing pixels. When I consider any one of my pieces “done”, it’s because it feels right and is good – from both far away and close up. Ready to be passed along for someone else to appreciate. It is finished.

With that said, my personal art and design is my religion and my practice.

Praise be 🙏

Amanda Mallardo
Artist | Technologist