Religion is the belief and worship of a superhuman controlling power, like a God or gods. Religion involves sets of symbolic gestures aimed at displaying a submission to this controlling power.

There are about 4,300 different religions in the world today. Some of which no one really knows how they started or how certain rituals began to form. I can only imagine what could have arose from the desperation of humans to have the ability to control their environment especially when survival is at stake. At least that is what I gathered from watching hours of Naked and Afraid. The amazing ability of human beings to pull out all the stops to make it through another night without food, water, shelter, or hiding from a predator could be considered miraculous at times. Enough near misses were probably experienced to determine that there is something of a supernatural force looking out for their well-being. If nothing else, the belief in one is enough to keep one’s mind above water, so as to focus on overcoming the challenges of the world at hand.

After spending many hours reading and studying different religions, cultures, and ways of life, I have determined that there is no one religion that suits my belief system perfectly. There are underlying patterns and inherit truth in all that I’ve studied. There is truly an art form in them all.

With all the science we have now and humans getting fairly adept at surviving, religion has taken on a new meaning, at least for myself. I do have a belief in a superhuman power – or maybe perhaps a system that contains several forces – but this power is less about control, and more about creation – through various different means.

To me religion is a tool to make sense of the human condition, as well as getting as close to creation as humanly possible. It’s an art of knowing when to control and when to let go – in order to create things and experiences that are just right. When I create art, I am practicing my religion. It serves to understand and experience the process of creating – when to control and when to let go.

My art is dedicated to Creation, with a focus on looking towards the future, and showing what is possible to the best of my human ability. My art is my practice and my worship to the power that is beyond myself.