Skate Your State Illustrations

In in about 2010, after a friend of mine asked me to draw him a tattoo based off of his…

Comic for Skate Witches Zine

Shark Week!

A little something I drew up just for fun.

Witches get Stitches

Illustration for Skate Witches zine

Ladies of Shred App Now Available

Ladies Of Shred, the app I designed and developed, is now available on the iTunes store! This version is free…

Personal Illustration

Exploring hand-drawn custom type in Adobe Draw.

MP3 Visualizer with Processing and Minim library

Piggy-backing off of my audio input visualizers, I wanted to create something that would make it easy for me to…

Processing and my SB-246 Drum Machine

The workshop at Anderson Ranch inspired me. At one point in particular, Josh Davis showed us how to control processing with a…

Anderson Ranch Processing Workshop with Joshua Davis Round 2

Considering I had huge life changes on the horizon (new baby, new house) I decided that I should probably take…

Joshua Davis Workshop at Anderson Ranch

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Joshua Davis’ workshop “From Digital to Physical” at Anderson Ranch in…

Sticker Life Logo and Website

Personal sticker fan website design, logo design, and website development.

On to the Next

Done coding this illustration. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’ve decided to make a series of…

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