I found an old CRT television in garbage. The look and design of these old CRTs brings me back to my childhood of watching bowling with my grandma. I loved the sound of the click and feel of grabbing a hold of and turning the knobs. The picture was always pretty horrible and a bit noisy and the sound quality had the same effect. I like televisions much better now.

However, once again, I felt a relic from my childhood needed to be in my life in one form or another. My approach was to gut out the insides of the TV and try my hand at stained glass. The original stained glass design was an output from Processing, but the final didn’t turn out as perfectly as planned. It also turns out cutting glass isn’t as easy as cutting paper. The edges turned out a bit on the jagged side but this happy accident kind of went with whole the experience with these old TVs. Rough and raw, but exciting at the same time because the invention of television was still very new. The idea of watching moving pictures of real humans inside your home was like nothing no one has experienced and forever changed the way we viewed the world to this day.

To add more value to the sculpture, I mounted and LED strip to the back of the light and rigged up an Arduino Uno and a microphone sensor. Put it on top of a stereo cabinet or next to a bluetooth speaker, play some of your favorite music, and it’s a whole new experience.